Current Research Projects

Below is an incomplete list of ongoing research projects (updated May 2018).
Ongoing Projects (2018-2020)
Pulmonary Embolism (the MAPLE Study)
  • Vinson DR, Mark DG, Chettipally UK, Huang J, Rauchwerger AS, Reed ME, Lin JS, Kene MV, Wang DH, Sax DR, Pleshakov TS, McLachlan ID, Iskin HR, Vemula R, Yealy DM, Ballard DW, for the eSPEED Investigators of the KP CREST Network. Impact of electronic clinical decision support on averting unnecessary hospitalization of emergency department patients with acute pulmonary embolism. Undergoing peer-review
  • Abraham AS, Othieno AA, Huang J, Reed ME, Mark DG, Vinson DR. Screening for and treatment of submassive pulmonary embolism in community Emergency Departments in the U.S. 
  • Bahl D, Engelhart DC, Swanson WP, Cotton DM, Krauss WC, Huang J, Reed ME, Mark DG, Vinson DR. Prevalence and prognostic value of proximal clot location in patients with acute pulmonary embolism presenting with presyncope or syncope. 
  • Engelhart DC, Bahl D, Abraham AS, Swanson WP, Cotton DM, Krauss WC, Huang J, Reed ME, Mark DG, Vinson DR. Presyncope carries similar risk as syncope in ED patients with acute pulmonary embolism. 
  • Simon LE, Iskin HR, Vemula R, Huang J, Rauchwerger AS, Reed ME, Ballard DW, Vinson DR. Emergency Department patient satisfaction with treatment of low-risk pulmonary embolism: does site-of-discharge matter?  Undergoing peer-review
Atrial Fibrillation and Flutter: The TAFFY Study (7-center prospective observational study), the Pharm CAFE Study (21-center retrospective cohort study of pharmacologic cardioversion), the PRP Studies (leading to CDS), and NIH funded project via a K08 grant (addressing stroke prevention)
  • Kea B, Warton M, Vinson DR, et al. Wide variation in hospitalization of Emergency Department patients with atrial fibrillation and flutter in a U.S. integrated health care delivery system. 
  • Vinson DR, Lugovskaya L, Warton EM, Nagam MR, Reed ME, Rome AM, Stevenson MD, Ballard DW, for the Pharm CAFÉ Investigators of the KP CREST Network. Effectiveness and safety of procainamide in the cardioversion of AF/FL in the community ED setting.
  • Vinson DR, Warton EM, Mark DG, Reed ME, Chettipally UK, Singh N, Le DD, Kea B, Ballard DW, for the TAFFY investigators of the CREST Network. Attempted cardioversion of ED patients with stable recent-onset AF/FL: a multicenter prospective cohort study.
  • Vinson DR, Warton EM, Kea B, et al. The effect of direct oral anticoagulants on thromboprophylaxis initiation for AF/FL on ED and inpatient discharge.
  • Kea B, et al. Optimal anticoagulation strategies for acute atrial fibrillation. 
Chest Pain and Heart Failure
  • Hess EP, Mark DG, et al. Dissemination and implementation of a shared decision-making strategy in emergency department patients with possible acute coronary syndrome: the Patient-centered Chest Pain Pathway
  • Mark DG, et al. Effect of Clinical Decision Support on ED Management of Patients with Chest Pain 
  • Sax DR, et al. KP-specific heart failure risk prediction: KPNC Standardizing Emergency Work-ups Around Risk Data (STEWARD) Heart Failure Project 
  • Sax DR, Huang J, Reed M, Yamin C, et al. Telephone Consultation Service Safely Manages Demand for Acute Care Among Patients with Chest Pain in an Integrated Delivery System. 

Pediatric Conditions

  • Masterson Creber RM, Ballard DW, et al. Applying the RE-AIM framework for the evaluation of PECARN electronic health record based clinical decision support head trauma tool: a mixed-methods study. Appl Clin Inform. Undergoing revision.
  • Ballard DW, Kuppermann N, Vinson DR, Tham E, Hoffman JM, Swietlik M, Davies SJ, Alessandrini EA, Tzimenatos L, Bajaj L, Mark DG, Offerman SR, Chettipally UK, Paterno MD, Schaeffer MH, Richards R, Casper TC, Goldberg HS, Grundmeier RW, Dayan PS, for the Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network (PECARN), Clinical Research on Emergency Services and Treatment (CREST) Network, and Partners HealthCare. Implementation of a clinical decision support system for children with minor blunt head trauma at non-negligible risk for traumatic brain injuries. 
  • Cotton DM, Vinson DR, Vazquez-Benitez G, Warton EM, Chettipally UK, Kene MV, Lin JS, Mark DG, McLachlan ID, Rauchwerger AS, Simon LE, Kharbanda AB, Kharbanda EO, Ballard DW. Validation of the Pediatric Appendicitis Risk Calculator and the Pediatric Appendicitis Score in a community Emergency Department setting.

Other Projects
  • Mark DM, et al. Discriminatory value of the ascending aorta diameter in suspected acute type A aortic dissection. Undergoing peer review.
  • Kene MV, Miller-Rosales C, Wood SB, Klebaner D, Rauchwerger AS, Vinson DR, Sterling S. Screening for unrecognized behavioral health problems in the ED. Undergoing peer review.

  • Le DD, Abraham AS, Vinson DR. Prevalence of guideline-discordant lidocaine use in the U.S. prehospital treatment of stable monomorphic ventricular tachycardia

  • Daniels BF, Anderson TJ, Buss AR, Gil K, Lin JS, Arasu V, Garrido M, Nagam MR, Vinson DR, with the KP CREST Network. (1) External validation of the UC Davis clinical decision instrument to identify adults in a community setting with mild traumatic intracranial hemorrhage at low risk for requiring a critical care intervention. (2) Derivation of a Clinical Decision Instrument to Identify Adults in a Community Setting with Mild Traumatic Intracranial Hemorrhage at Low Risk for Requiring Critical Care Intervention

  • Nishijima DK, Elms AR, Vinson DR, et al. Field triage of head injured older adults taking anticoagulants or platelet inhibitors. 
  • Natsui S, et al. Trends in Measurement and Improvement of Emergency Physician Performance: An Environmental Scan
  • Meeker D, May L, et al. Improve the Quality and Equity of Decisions in Emergency Medicine (IQED)
  • And more...